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"Pat influenced me to go beyond just thinking about my voice. She always says to stay true to yourself as an artist. Don't copy what others do!
"She taught what no other teacher taught me. and that was proper breathing. After only three lessons, I improved dramatically."

- Iris Prcic, current Private Lessons student

"It it such a wonderful experience to be part of this group, the fellowship of singers who are committed to the art. Listening to the singing is attending a miniconcert each week—marvelous and uplifting!"

- Emy Kamihara, current Group Lessons student

"Pat cares deeply about the vocal health of her singers in addition to the musical training."

- Scott Miler, former Group and Individual student

I help vocalists see in themselves gifts they might otherwise miss, and assure them singing can be a lifelong joy. I’m mining for gold,

No matter if you're singing in a non-professional setting or elsewhere, you must be trained as a professional and learn the fundamentals of music before approaching the stage. One cannot drive blind-folded, and a singer cannot render a piece of music accurately by ear.

I create a supportive environment with specific goals for each of my students and focus on developing in each vocalist the elements of singing:

  • A strong vocal technique;

  • Correct use of the breath;

  • Secure high and low ranges;

  • A warm middle and low voice;

  • Even vocal projection;

  • Acting; and

  • Stage presence.


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